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Lori Summers
Contact Information
Phone 614-622-1362

Feel Free to email or contact me for any questions you may have!


Are you certified?
Yes. I am an Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) Certified Fitness Instructor, a TRX Certified Suspension Trainer and I am also CPR certified.

How much do you charge?
My rates are posted on the Rates page. They are competitive with ANY serious trainer around. I also consider individual circumstances to determine what is fair. In this economy, you need to get the most bang for your buck! I also have to be more competitive than other trainers. That's why I am THE best value in fitness!

What types of classes do you teach?
I teach boot camp, circuit training, personal training, sports conditioning and job specific conditioning i.e. police/fire academy. I am also a life coach who can help you get your personal life in order so you can tackle any goal.

Do you teach Yoga/Pilates?
No. However, I do take V Power Yoga from Julie Verhoff in downtown Columbus for my personal relaxation. I like Julie's unique athletic form of Yoga. I do incorporate some Yoga moves into some of my workouts and training sessions where applicable depending on the type of class or student's needs.

Do you train women only?
No. I teach both men and women, boys and girls. My clients range from youth sports conditioning to lower impact classes with older men and women.
I do however, specialize in women only techniques that help individual women reach their personal goals. Women require a totally different type of workout than men. I am in tune to the special needs of women where most male trainers are not.

Do you train men?
Yes. I am very well versed in training techniques used by men. In fact, I can improve on most men's training techniques after observing their workouts. Most people don't think about having someone else watch their workouts to catch any form mistakes. The proper form will make all the difference in the effectiveness of a workout.

Do you train athletes?
Yes. I tailor workouts around the specific sport my client is trying to improve upon.

Do you train overweight/obese people?
Yes. I am very aware of the effects of weight on joints and take care not to push any client beyond where they should be able to perform.

Do you have a studio?
I do not own a studio (at this time) but I do train people at different locations where I have developed working relationships.

Do you train at a gym?
Yes. I train people in the gym of their choice. I am not affiliated with or obligated to any gym so, I will not try to persuade anyone to join a club in order to train with me.

Do you train in homes?
Yes. I provide personal training in homes. Some people prefer to workout in the privacy of their own homes rather than in a group setting. I respect this and do not share any personal information with anyone outside my client's home.

Do I need to bring any equipment?
No. I provide everything needed for your workout. You may want to bring your own towel.

Waiver & Release Form
Please print and sign this Waiver & Release Form before coming to your first class.






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